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Modern kitchen with grey dining tables


We can repaint a kitchen to impeccable standards. Whether you have a traditional-looking kitchen, or a modern, contemporary design, our skilled team will make sure it looks amazing once more. 

From the walls and ceilings, to cabinets and unit doors, we can decorate your kitchen to complement your design.

With hand-painted cabinetry, our painters and decorators in Epsom can provide a finish that is sturdy and simple to touch up or repair in the event of damage. Hand painting might take a little longer, but it is well worth taking take that little extra time and give you the best finish we can.

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Freshen up your kitchen

Based in Epsom, KT Decorating carry out kitchen painting across Surrey. We work for domestic and commercial customers across the area. Having your kitchen decorated will make it look fresher and cleaner, with smoke, grease, and cooking stains removed, and making the space easier to clean and look after. With our hand kitchen painting service, you are always assured of a quality finish, and a prompt, efficient service.

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Softer Finishes That Last

If your kitchen needs a new coat of paint, trust our experienced team.