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If you require first-class painters and decorators in Banstead, look no further than KT Painting and Decorating. We have over 20 years of experience in providing an impeccable painting and decorating service to serve domestic and commercial needs. Our team of fully-qualified professionals pride themselves on using only the finest equipment to ensure a superb and tidy finish, every time.

Whether you need spraying for your roller shutters or require exterior painting for a school, there is no job that is too big or small for us. Along with painting, decorating and spraying, we also specialise in industrial floor painting, repairs and renovations. Our painters and decorators set extremely high standards, always preparing meticulously ahead of each job and giving specialist advice if needed.

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Kitchen Spray Painting

Having a full-scale kitchen renovation can be a hassle and also highly expensive, so why not save time and money by calling on our expert painters and decorators instead. Using top-quality products, we will leave your kitchen looking brand new once we are finished.  

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Shutters Spray Painting

Whether you are a business that requires spraying for its roller shutters or a homeowner whose shutters are looking old and withered, KT Painting and Decorating has what it takes to give your shutters a streamlined look with a comprehensive spraying job.

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Painters and Decorators in Surrey

Wardrobe Spray Painting

Making sure that every part of your wardrobe is properly coated with quality paint can be difficult. So, why not call on our painters and decorators in Surrey, who will prepare assiduously ahead of giving the wardrobe a fresh coating based on your demands.

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Wardrobe Painters and Decorators in Surrey


Furniture Spray Painting

Replacing pieces of furniture is expensive and tiresome, which is why our spraying service is here to give your table, drawers or chairs a fresh lease of life at a fraction of the cost. We offer a wide range of different colours and guarantee minimal disturbance to your property.

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Furniture Painters and Decorators in Surrey






If you have recently moved into a new office, or perhaps need to update the interior design of your school, our painters and decorators in Surrey guarantee an immaculate finish with their decorating work – one that aligns precisely with your design specifications.

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We take extreme care to prepare properly ahead of all wallpapering jobs, making sure that the measurements taken and materials used fit perfectly with your property. Our company can hang several different types of wallpaper, from nursery wallpaper to paper backed fabric wallpaper.

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Exterior Painting

KT Painting and Decorating has strong experience in undertaking large-scale exterior painting jobs for major companies. Our spraying equipment enables faster application and an improved finish, ensuring that your property’s exterior is safeguarded against the outdoor elements.

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Exterior Painters and Decorators in Surrey


Our painters and decorators in Surrey can undertake any repairs as part of their comprehensive service. Ahead of getting to work on your property, we can also fill holes, cracks or general damage, making sure that the area is secure before applying primer and spray paint.

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Established in 1998, our company possesses a wealth of experience when it comes to producing a stunning painting and decorating service. Over the years, our painters and decorators in surrey have come to expect an extremely high standard of preparation, application and finish for every job that we do.


We take pride in the equipment and materials that we use. Using Festool for many products, our sprayers, masking tape, sanding equipment and vacuum cleaners are all top-of-the-range items. We believe strongly in spending a bit more to guarantee the best possible final outcome.


Along with providing high-quality painting and decorating in Banstead, KT Painting and Decorating offers a broad range of services to cater for both domestic and commercial purposes. From large jobs such as home exterior and interior painting to minor wallpapering repairs, we can do it all.


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KT Painting & Decorating made the building process stress free for me and my family. Doreen Smith   |   November 4th 2019  |   Banstead



KT Painting and Decorating provides a bespoke risk assessment ahead of each job, so if you require high-end painters and decorators in Banstead, get in contact with us.



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