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Kitchen designs can often become jaded after only a few years, prompting many to install new units at a considerable cost. Instead, why not save yourself money and time by calling on our painters and decorators in Epsom to provide a professional spraying job – supplied at short notice and dry within hours – giving a long-lasting, streamlined look to your kitchen.

We care deeply about maintaining a tidy workplace, making sure that areas are properly taped and covered before we begin any job. Get that “new kitchen” feel at a fraction of the cost, thanks to our reliable, friendly service.

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Why spray painting?

When carried out professionally, interior spray paint leaves a superb and seamless finish, without brushstrokes. It covers all the hard-to-access corners and intricacies, which makes it a superb option for high spec kitchens whose finish is looking slightly tarnished. Interior kitchen spray painting is very difficult to perform without experience, however, so it is important to use a professional to carry it out. Based in Epsom, we serve across Surrey and the South East for kitchen spray painting. Contact KT Painting and Decorating, to arrange a free quote today.

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